Oregon Salary After Tax Calculator

Check what your salary after tax will be in Oregon with this simple, handy, calculator.


Gross and Net Income Calculation

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Note: the deductions in this tax calculator currently assume you are a single filer with no dependants.

Gross Income
Your gross income is your total earnings before any taxes or other deductions are made. This will be found at the top of your payslip.
Net Income
Net income is the actual money you take home after all taxes and contributions have been deducted.

Income Taxes

Federal Tax
This is the total amount of federal tax you will pay on your salary.
State Tax
Each state has their own income tax rates and this is the amount of tax you will pay to your state.
Social Security Tax
This is the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax to fund Social Security.
Medicare Tax
Medicare is a payroll tax that supports your health coverage when you become eligible for it.
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Federal Tax
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Social Security Tax
Medicare Tax
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US Federal Income Tax Brackets

Like most countries, the United States uses a progressive income tax system to calculate how much tax you will pay. The federal income tax you pay in the US is broken down into the brackets below (for single filer status):

Taxable Income Tax Rate
first $9,950.0010%
over $9,950.00 up to $40,525.0012%
over $40,525.00 up to $86,375.0022%
over $86,375.00 up to $164,925.0024%
over $164,925.00 up to $209,425.0032%
over $209,425.00 up to $523,600.0035%
over $523,600.0037%

Oregon State Income Tax Brackets

Each of the states also have their own tax brackets that are calculated in the same way as federal taxes - using progressive tax brackets. The tax brackets for Oregon are listed below:

Taxable Income Tax Rate
first $3,550.005%
over $3,550.00 up to $8,900.007%
over $8,900.00 up to $125,000.009%
over $125,000.009.9%

Sample Salary After Tax Calculations

For the curious and nosey amongst us, below are a bunch of commonly searched for salary after tax calculations.

Random Salary After Tax Calculations

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