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Check what your salary after tax will be in the United Kingdom with this simple, handy, calculator.


Gross and Net Income Calculation

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Gross Income
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Gross Income
Your gross income is your total earnings before any taxes or other deductions are made. This will be found at the top of your payslip.
Net Income
Net income is the actual money you take home after all taxes and contributions have been deducted.
Net Income (Scotland)
Residents in Scotland pay a slightly different amount of tax so this is your take home salary if you live in Scotland.

Income Taxes

Income Tax
This is the total amount of income tax you will pay on your salary.
Income Tax (Scotland)
As mentioned above, Scotland have different tax rates so if you're a resident in Scotland, the tax you pay is different to those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
National Insurance (NI)
This is a contribution that gives you certain benefits like a pension or job seekers allowance (more below).
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Income Tax
Income Tax (Scotland)
National Insurance (NI)
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UK Income Tax Information

The amount of UK income tax you pay on your salary in a given tax year will depend on how much of your income is above your Personal Allowance limit and how much of your income falls in each of the income tax bands.

Like many countries, the UK has a progressive tax system with tax being paid at different rates depending on how high your income is. In the UK, the employer withholds your income tax and pays it to the tax authorities every month. Below is a breakdown of the tax bands:

England, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Band Taxable Income Tax Rate
Personal Allowance Up to £12,570.00 0%
Basic rate£12,571.00 to £50,270.0020%
Higher rate£50,272.00 to £150,000.0040%
Additional rateover £150,000.0045%


Band Taxable Income Tax Rate
Personal Allowance Up to £12,570.00 0%
Starter rate£12,571.00 to £14,667.0019%
Basic rate£14,668.00 to £25,296.0020%
Intermediate rate£25,297.00 to £43,662.0021%
Higher rate£43,663.00 to £150,000.0041%
Top rateover £150,000.0046%

There is also an income limit of £100,000.00 in the UK. For every £2 in earnings above this limit, £1 is deducted from your Personal Allowance.

National Insurance (NI) is a contribution that is deducted from your salary and is used to pay for certain government benefits such as your state pension, jobseeker's allowance and allowance for maternity leave. There are four different NI levels but most people are in Class 1 NI.

With Class 1 NI contributions, you pay 12% on earnings between £184 and £967 and 2% on earnings over £967 per week.

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