What is $94 After Tax in Alberta?

Find out exactly how much tax you will pay on a $94 salary in Alberta for the current tax year.

For the 2020 tax year, $94 after tax in Alberta works out to be $4,951.50 take home salary after all federal and province taxes are deducted.

Want more information on your $94 salary? Let's take a look and see what kind of deductions you'll have from your gross salary. Note: all figures in this article assume a single filer with no dependants.

$94 After Tax in Alberta

Here is the breakdown of your $94 salary with all deductions and taxes:

Yearly Monthly
Gross Income C$94.00 C$7.83
Federal Tax C$-2,620.90 C$-218.41
Province Tax C$-2,236.60 C$-186.38
Total Tax Due C$-4,857.50 C$-404.79
Net Income C$4,951.50 C$412.63

Alberta Province/Territory Income Tax Brackets

Each of the provinces and territories also have their own tax brackets that are calculated in the same way as federal taxes - using progressive tax brackets. The tax brackets for Alberta are listed below:

Taxable Income Tax Rate
first C$131,220.0010%
over C$131,220.00 up to C$157,464.0012%
over C$157,464.00 up to C$209,952.0013%
over C$209,952.00 up to C$314,928.0014%
over C$314,928.0015%

$94 After Tax in Other Provinces and Territories

You might be wondering how much $94 after tax would be in provinces other than Alberta. Maybe you're thinking of moving and want to see what your salary might be in a new province with different tax rates.

The table below will show you exactly what your net income would be on $94 in all other provinces and territories, but to summarize it for you, we can show you the province with the lowest net salary, and the province with the highest net salary:

  • Lowest net salary: $3,411.15 in Ontario
  • Highest net salary: $5,030.80 in Quebec
Gross Income State Tax Net Income
British ColumbiaC$94.00C$-705.24C$3,420.14
New BrunswickC$94.00C$-1,302.90C$4,017.80
Northwest TerritoriesC$94.00C$-1,067.45C$3,782.35
Nova ScotiaC$94.00C$-1,141.74C$3,856.64
Prince Edward IslandC$94.00C$-1,273.79C$3,988.69

So there you have it. On a gross salary of $94, you will have a net salary of around $4,951.50 in Alberta and between $3,411.15 and $5,030.80 if you were to file in another province.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to understand your salary and the federal and province taxes you need to pay on it!

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